From Wacky to Weird: The Untold Stories Behind Sports Team Names: Part II

From Wacky to Weird: The Untold Stories Behind U.S. Sports Team Names

There isn't a whole lot of originality when it comes to naming college football teams, especially the big boys.  
133 teams out there, and 9 names...Tigers, Bulldogs, Wildcats, Aggies, Cougars, Eagles, Huskies, Owls, and Panthers... make up about 1/4 of them.  Throw in the state names... Ohio is the Buckeye state, Indiana the Hoosier state, etc... thats a good chunk of the rest.  

But man, are there some cool ones out there.  We've gathered some of the best ones here.  We took them from everywhere... every sport, from pro all the way down to High School names.  We even dug into the past.

Below is a list.  But we didn't just do a list... click a team name to see who decided to use it, what it looks like, and most importantly... the story behind the name.  Each will bring you back here.  So scroll down, and take a trip with us through one of the most underappreciated aspects of sports... the art of naming a team.  From Wacky to Badass to  Weird: The Untold Stories Behind Sports Team Names.

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