Wichita B-52s

Wichita B-52s,Sport Team Nicknames
Wichita B-52s

The Wichita B-52s were a professional indoor soccer team based in Wichita, Kansas. Founded in July 2013, the team made its debut in the Professional Arena Soccer League with the 2013–14 season under head coach Larry Inlow. After beginning the 2014–15 season under Jeff Kraft, Kim Roentved was named head coach in December 2014. The team played its home games at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas. In August 2015, the team announced it would not be participating in the 2015–16 MASL season.

The Wichita B-52s were named after the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, a long-range, subsonic, all-weather, heavy bomber that was designed and built by Boeing. The B-52 is one of the most iconic aircraft in the world, and it is a symbol of American military power.

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