Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Battle Cry


Coastal Carolina Chanticleers Battle Cry

From the coastal shores, a battle cry rings,

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, we spread our wings!

In teal and bronze, our colors shine,

A rising storm, a force divine!

With fierce determination, we forge our way,

Chanticleer spirit, brighter each day.

Through sands of time, a legacy we build,

A testament of strength, courage, and skill.

In Brooks Stadium, our home we defend,

Together we rise, hand in hand.

With Chauncey the Chanticleer, our fearless guide,

We face every challenge, side by side.

Through the windswept dunes, our dreams unfold,

In teal we soar, fearless and bold.

Coastal Carolina, our battle's begun,

Chanticleers united, a victory we've won!

So raise your voices, let the anthem sound,

In teal and bronze, we stand our ground.

With passion ablaze, and hearts held high,

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, reach for the sky!

In the realm of legends, we etch our name,

With unwavering spirit, a fiery flame.

In teal and bronze, forever we'll be,

Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, wild and free!

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