Colorado Buffaloes Battle Cry


Colorado Buffaloes Battle Cry

Majestic on the mountain's crest,

Colorado Buffaloes, we stand the test!

In silver and gold, our spirit shines,

A proud legacy, woven through time!

From Boulder's embrace, we charge ahead,

Through valleys and peaks, our path widespread.

Buffaloes stampede with thunderous might,

In Folsom Field, we conquer the fight!

With Ralphie the Buffalo, a symbol revered,

We charge with valor, undeterred.

Together we roar, a relentless stride,

Colorado Buffaloes, we'll never hide!

Through the rugged terrain, we forge our way,

In silver we gleam, resilient we stay.

With hearts aflame, our passion untold,

Colorado Buffaloes, brave and bold!

So raise your voices, let the mountains resound,

In silver and gold, our victory crowned.

With unity and strength, we'll forever be,

Colorado Buffaloes, proud and free!

In the sea of champions, we'll eternally roam,

With a spirit unyielding, we'll find our home.

In silver and gold, our legacy shines bright,

Colorado Buffaloes, a beacon of light!

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