Arizona State Sun Devils Battle Cry


Arizona State Sun Devils Battle Cry

In the desert's embrace, where the Sun Devils dwell,

Arizona State rises, fierce and unswell.

With maroon and gold, our colors ablaze,

We march as one, through fiery days.

The Sun Devils' might, a force untamed,

In battles fought, our enemies maimed.

With burning passion, our spirits ignite,

In the depths of darkness, we shine bright.

Our mascot, Sparky, a devilish grin,

A symbol of mischief, the spirit within.

With trident in hand, we charge with might,

Defying the odds, igniting the fight.

Through scorching sands, our courage prevails,

The Sun Devils' legacy, a timeless tale.

In Tempe's domain, we seize the day,

Arizona State, leading the way.

With fiery hearts, we face every test,

In unity we stand, and give our best.

From gridiron clashes to victories won,

The Sun Devils' spirit, forever undone.

So let our battle cry echo far and wide,

Arizona State, a relentless stride.

With passion unyielding, we embrace the heat,

In maroon and gold, our opponents retreat.

In the desert's domain, our spirit takes flight,

Arizona State, a beacon of light.

With every challenge, we rise anew,

Sun Devils forever, blazing and true!

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