Appalachian State Mountaineers Battle Cry


Appalachian State Mountaineers Battle Cry

In the land of mountains, where legends are born,

The Mountaineers rise, resilient and strong.

Appalachian State, our battle cry resounds,

With black and gold, our spirit astounds.

Among the peaks, we carve our way,

In the face of challenges, we don't sway.

With hearts of fire and minds of steel,

We conquer all, our opponents kneel.

Our mascot, the Mountaineer, bold and brave,

A symbol of courage, beyond the grave.

With musket in hand, we charge with might,

Fearless in battle, relentless in fight.

Through rugged terrains, we forge ahead,

Our spirit unyielding, never to shred.

From victories past, our legacy grows,

Appalachian State, a story that glows.

With unity, we stand, shoulder to shoulder,

Defying limits, our dreams grow bolder.

In victory's embrace, we find our place,

As Mountaineers, we conquer with grace.

So let our battle cry echo through the land,

Appalachian State, a noble brand.

With passion and grit, our destiny unfolds,

In black and gold, our spirit beholds.

In the heart of the mountains, our flame burns bright,

Appalachian State, a shining light.

With every challenge, we reach new heights,

Mountaineers forever, a beacon of might!

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