Arizona Wildcats Battle Cry

Arizona Wildcats Battle Cry


In the land of Arizona, where Wildcats prowl,

The roar of the Wildcats echoes, fierce and howl.

With cardinal red and navy blue, our colors bold,

We stand as Wildcats, courageous and untold.

Our mascot, Wilbur, a spirited feline,

With a mischievous grin and a pep that's fine.

Through the battles we stride, our claws extend,

In the desert's domain, our rivals we fend.

Through the years, a rich history we claim,

From victories celebrated to legends of fame.

From the gridiron's clash to the court's fierce strife,

The Wildcats' legacy, a tapestry of life.

From Olsen to Lute, great coaches have led,

Guiding Wildcats with wisdom and thread.

With championship moments etched in time,

The Wildcats' spirit continues to climb.

With grit and determination, we forge ahead,

The Wildcats' hunger, never to be fed.

Through rivalry games and conference fights,

We embody the spirit that ignites.

So let our battle cry echo far and wide,

Arizona Wildcats, a tenacious stride.

With passion ablaze, we conquer with might,

In cardinal red and navy blue, we ignite.

In the heart of Arizona, our spirits unite,

Wildcats forever, shining in the desert's light.

Through triumph and challenge, we rise anew,

Arizona Wildcats, proud and true!

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