Akron Zips Battle Cry

Akron Zips Battle Cry

 In Akron's land, where Zips reside,

Our battle cry rings far and wide.

With blue and gold, our colors bright,

We march as one, with all our might.

The Zips, a force both bold and true,

With spirit fierce, we'll see it through.

From Akron's fields, our warriors rise,

Unyielding strength within their eyes.

Our mascot, the Zip, quick and spry,

With lightning speed, we aim to fly.

Through storms we trek, undeterred,

With Akron's pride, our spirits stirred.

With hearts ablaze, we take the stand,

United we are, a formidable band.

In victory's path, we forge our way,

As Zips, we seize the brightest day.

With determination, we overcome,

In battles fought, we won't succumb.

From the gridiron's clash to victory's grasp,

The Zips prevail, our foes surpassed.

So raise your voices, let it be known,

Akron Zips' battle cry, firmly sown.

Through trials and triumphs, we persist,

With unity and courage, we persist.

Oh, Akron Zips, in blue and gold,

Together we march, fearless and bold.

With honor and pride, our path we trace,

Akron Zips, a triumphant race!

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