Air Force Falcons Battle Cry


Air Force Falcons Battle Cry

With wings outstretched, our Falcons fly,

In battles fierce, we touch the sky.

Air Force's might, our colors gleam,

Blue and silver, a warrior's dream.

Our mascot, the Falcon, soars with grace,

A symbol of strength, in every chase.

With eyes sharp and talons keen,

We conquer all, our foes demean.

From lofty heights, we take the field,

With disciplined hearts, we never yield.

Through the air, our spirit soars,

As the Falcons' battle cry restores.

With precision, we strike, fearless and strong,

In unity, we march, a harmonious throng.

Bound by honor, our cause proclaimed,

The Falcons' legacy forever acclaimed.

Oh, let our battle cry echo wide,

As we soar above, with undying pride.

Air Force Falcons, fearless and bold,

We fight as one, a force untold.

In every challenge, we rise above,

With unwavering valor, and boundless love.

For in the skies, our spirit prevails,

The Falcons' wings, the enemy quails.

So rally with us, oh mighty brigade,

Let our anthem resound, never fade.

Air Force Falcons, united we stand,

With honor and courage, we command.

Blue and silver, our colors true,

The Falcons' spirit, forever imbued.

In victory's embrace, we take our place,

Air Force Falcons, a triumphant race!

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