Alabama Crimson Tide Battle Cry

Alabama Crimson Tide Battle Cry

Oh, hear the roar of the Crimson Tide,

In Alabama's land, they stand with pride.

From mountains to plains, their battle cry rings,

As champions arise, their victory sings.

With crimson hearts, they charge the field,

Their might unmatched, their foes shall yield.

Through thunderous clashes, they fiercely fight,

With every snap, they soar to new heights.

Their armor, a uniform of crimson and white,

Symbolic hues that ignite their might.

With strength and courage, they never waver,

In crimson waves, their opponents quaver.

From Bryant-Denny Stadium, their fortress grand,

Their loyal fans, a mighty cheering band.

Their voices unite in a deafening cheer,

As the Crimson Tide's triumph draws near.

Led by Nick Saban, a mastermind true,

He molds warriors, a formidable crew.

His wisdom guides, his strategies bold,

In Saban's realm, legends unfold.

Big Al, their mascot, a behemoth to fear,

With tusks of power, he strikes with a sneer.

He charges through battles, an unstoppable force,

Inspiring the Tide with a relentless course.

So rally together, Crimson Tide's brigade,

Unleash your might, let the opponent fade.

In victory's embrace, we shall prevail,

With grit and valor, we will never fail.

Oh, Alabama Crimson Tide, charge ahead,

With grit and determination, leave no shred.

From victory to victory, our legacy forms,

The Tide reigns supreme, through calm and storms.

So let our battle cry echo far and wide,

As we stand united, with Crimson Tide.

For in Alabama's heart, our spirits align,

With the roar of the Tide, victory is thine!

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