128 Team College Football Playoff Bracket

 So by now we've all seen them.  "Here's what it would look like if there had been a 12 team playoff this year".  Every sports blog on the web has done one of them by now.

Of course, it's only a matter of time before they want to add more than 12.  When there were two we complained about 3-5.  There are 4 and we complain about 5-6.  With 12 it will just be 13-15 or some such.

A few have even come up with this one... "What if we just thew 64 of them in there like they do in basketball?"

And some have.  One we found even said to hell with it and threw them all in.  All 133 of them.

That's the one that got our attention.  But one thing no one bothered to do... was play the thing out.  

Of course it's nonsense.  The semantics for 12 are a pain.  But this is the internet.  And this is the type of stuff we do with it.   All the AI out there now... most of what we do we use AI to generate... There had to be a way to do this.

So we did.  We threw together a 128 team tournament, and we played the thing through.  And honestly... it had everything you'd want.  Upsets.  Cinderella stories.  Amazing dream matchups.  And we did it with stuff that any idiot... we prove the point... can use now.  If you want to see what we came up with, click the box under this.  It's pretty simple.  You start with a pretty cool bracket.  Scroll down, you find the individual games, which we simulated.  You get to the bottom, theres another little box to go to to the next round.  If you want to see how we did it, click the other button under this.  If you're a football nerd with some time, try it.  It's a blast.  There will be a box at the bottom of that one to take you on to the tournament.

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