How To Make A 128 Team College Football Playoff Bracket

So a couple of rules we wanted to stick to as we did this.   One.. only stuff anyone can find using google.  Two... nothing that costs money.  Three... something anyone can use.

To start with... we needed our teams seeded. That wasn't hard.  There are 8 million power rankings out there.  We chose ESPN's.  Can argue we should have used another one, but... it's ESPN.  So if you have issues with our seedings, talk to them.  

If you want to see them before you start... click here.

We realized pretty quickly that a 133 team bracket would be a pain in the ass, but 128 is easy.  So ESPN's bottom 5.... Kent State, FIU, Akron, ULM, and Temple... bit the dust right away.  We found a template for seeding 128 teams, plugged them in in order.  We didn't mess with regions and conference match ups and such.... just plugged them in the way they were ranked.  Found a site that does the brackets and used helmets from a place called The Helmet Project.  

The fun part was simulating the games.  Google "College Football Simulator".  We played with them for a few hours, and most on the first page are pretty much the same.  We chose 5 of them, and simulated every game.  While we did that, our two high schoolers simulated the games on two systems... XBox and Playstation, I believe.  And we averaged the 7 out.  That simple.

The brackets are from Bracketfights, and are easy as anything to use.  The rest of the little pictures were done on Canva, but you only need that stuff if you're nerdy enough to be putting this out there like we are.

That's it.  All told, probably 20 hours we put into it, but again... most of that was putting it together.  Do a bracket with your kids for fun.  Two of us are in college and don't know as much as they think they do about the internet.   Two are in High School and know more than we do.  And I'm just old.  We prove it when we say anyone can do this now.

With that out of the way... Here's what we came up with.  Click the box.

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