Where Did Arizona Wildcats Get Their Name?

The Fascinating Origins of the Arizona Wildcats Name

Where Did Arizona Wildcats Get Their Name?

Have you ever pondered how the University of Arizona's athletic teams earned the name "Wildcats"? The tale is a captivating blend of athletic prowess, journalistic creativity, and student enthusiasm. Let's unravel it.

A Fierce Football Game: The Birth of the Wildcats

The Wildcats got their name after a hard-fought football game against Occidental College on November 7, 1914. A Los Angeles Times article praised their wildcat-like tenacity, and the name stuck.

Wilbur and Wilma: The Dynamic Duo

The university mascots, Wilbur and Wilma, are anthropomorphized wildcats that have become the face of Arizona athletics. Their identities are a well-kept secret, adding to the allure.

More Than Just a Team: A Symbol of Arizona

The "Wildcats" name is not merely a label for the athletic teams; it's a representation of the fierce and independent spirit of the Arizona community.

Why "Wildcats"?

The name encapsulates the competitive and resilient nature that defines the University of Arizona and its athletic programs.

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