Where Did Arizona State Sun Devils Get Their Name?

The Intriguing Origins of the Arizona State Sun Devils

Where Did Arizona State Sun Devils Get Their Name?

Ever wondered how Arizona State University's athletic teams became known as the "Sun Devils"? The tale is a fascinating mix of student votes, weather phenomena, and a Disney designer. Let's delve into the story.

From Owls to Sun Devils: A Transformation

Originally, ASU athletic teams' mascot was an owl, then became a "Normal" before finally adopting the Sun Devils moniker in 1946. The transformation was a significant one, marking a new era for ASU athletics.

Sparky the Sun Devil: A Disney Connection

The Sun Devil mascot, Sparky, was designed by a former Disney illustrator. This iconic figure has been the face of ASU athletics since its introduction and is beloved by fans and students alike.

The Whirlwind Phenomenon: A Natural Inspiration

The nickname "Sun Devils" is inspired by a weather phenomenon known as a whirlwind. This natural event symbolizes the dynamic and energetic spirit of the ASU community.

Student Approval: The Sun Angels' Suggestion

When the Sun Angels suggested the name "Sun Devils," the students at Arizona State overwhelmingly approved it, making it the official name for the athletic teams.

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