West Virginia Mountaineers Battle Cry

West Virginia Mountaineers Battle Cry

Mountaineers, arise! On hills of gold and blue,
Through rugged peaks and valleys, our spirits ever true,
With musket in our hands, and hearts strong and bold,
West Virginia's thunder, our battle cry unfolds!

Gold and blue, a tapestry of mountains' pride,
We march as one, our courage undenied,
From the banks of the Monongahela's flow,
A legacy of triumph, let our prowess show!

With strength and fortitude, we conquer every test,
In the face of adversity, we'll never rest,
Mountaineers, united, a force that can't be tamed,
Our spirit burns eternal, an unyielding flame!

Through coal mines' depths and whispering winds,
We brave the elements, no challenge rescinds,
Our mascot, the Mountaineer, a symbol of might,
With rifle and coonskin, we defend what's right!

From Morgantown's hills to the great wilderness,
West Virginia's sons and daughters, we proudly bless,
We sing the pride of Country Roads, our anthem bold,
Mountaineers, stand tall, let our battle cry unfold!

Gold and blue, forever woven in our hearts,
A legacy of glory, each victory imparts,
With resolute courage, we climb to greater heights,
West Virginia Mountaineers, our battle cry ignites!

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