Washington State Cougars Battle Cry

Washington State Cougars Battle Cry

Roaring crimson fires, beneath the warrior's might,
Unleash the Cougars' fury, igniting crimson and gray,
With claws of strength, our legacy ignites the fight,
Washington State rises, fearless in the fray!

Through fields of crimson, fierce and proud we stand,
Loyal to our history, with valor deep and true,
From Martin Stadium, our battleground grand,
We charge with crimson hearts, united through and through!

Majestic Cougars surge, fearless through the night,
Our mascot Butch, guardian of crimson might,
From Palouse's hallowed grounds, a legacy in sight,
We honor warriors past, forging a future bright!

Crimson passion courses, flowing through our veins,
Unyielding spirit, a blaze that never fades,
Together we triumph, bound by crimson chains,
Washington State, forever, our victory cascades!

For glory and honor, we raise our battle cry,
With crimson and gray, we conquer far and nigh,
Washington State Cougars, stand tall, reach high,
A crimson storm unleashed, our foes tremble, then fly!

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