Florida Atlantic Owls Battle Cry

Florida Atlantic Owls Battle Cry


Under moonlit skies, we take flight,

Florida Atlantic Owls, shining bright!

In blue and red, our colors gleam,

A wise spirit, a triumphant dream!

From Boca Raton's embrace, we ascend,

With wisdom and grace, our journey won't end.

Owls of knowledge, with wings unfurled,

We conquer challenges, wisdom unfurled!

In FAU Stadium, our nest stands tall,

Together we rally, united in all.

With Owsley the Owl, our steadfast guide,

We navigate the darkness, side by side.

Through the night's shadows, we soar high,

In blue we shine, stars in the sky.

Florida Atlantic Owls, a radiant glow,

Together we triumph, in wisdom we grow!

So let our voices echo, through the night,

In blue and red, our spirit ignites.

With passion unyielding, our dreams take flight,

Florida Atlantic Owls, shining with might!

In the realm of wisdom, we make our mark,

With knowledge and resolve, we embark.

In blue and red, forever we'll be,

Florida Atlantic Owls, soaring wild and free!

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