FIU Panthers Battle Cry


FIU Panthers Battle Cry

In the heart of Miami's heat,

FIU Panthers, rise to compete!

In blue and gold, our colors shine,

A tenacious spirit, oh so fine!

From the concrete jungle, our battleground,

FIU Panthers, united and renowned.

Panthers prowling, with prowess untamed,

We claim our place, undefeated and named!

In Riccardo Silva Stadium, our roar resounds,

Together we rally, our victory surrounds.

With Roary the Panther, our fearless guide,

We face every challenge, side by side.

Through adversity, we rise and fight,

In blue we stand, with all our might.

FIU Panthers, a force to behold,

We blaze a trail, courageous and bold!

So raise your voices, let the world hear,

In blue and gold, our triumphs cheer.

With passion ablaze, our dreams ignite,

FIU Panthers, champions in sight!

In the realm of glory, we carve our way,

With resilience and pride, each passing day.

In blue and gold, forever we'll be,

FIU Panthers, forever wild and free!

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