Charlotte 49ers Battle Cry


Charlotte 49ers Battle Cry

Fortune favors the bold, hear our call!

Charlotte 49ers, standing tall!

In green and white, our colors gleam,

A golden dream, our fiery team!

From the Queen City, a force renowned,

A legacy rich, on hallowed ground.

49ers, miners of grit and might,

We fight for victory, with all our might!

In Niner Nation, we build our way,

With determination, we seize the day.

With Norm the Niner, our steadfast guide,

We forge ahead, side by side.

Through adversity, we rise and strive,

In Richardson Stadium, our spirits thrive.

With passion aflame, and hearts aglow,

Charlotte 49ers, onward we go!

From the gold rush, a symbol born,

We honor the past, our spirits sworn.

In green we stand, unyielding and strong,

Charlotte 49ers, a triumph song!

So raise your voices, let them resound,

In unity and pride, we are bound.

In green and white, forever we'll be,

Charlotte 49ers, eternally free!

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