Central Michigan Chippewas Battle Cry


Central Michigan Chippewas Battle Cry

Warriors of the Chippewa land,

With fierce determination, we take our stand!

In maroon and gold, our colors true,

Central Michigan Chippewas, we fight for you!

Beneath the soaring pine trees tall,

A spirit ancient, echoing in our call.

Through hardships faced, a resilient heart,

We honor tradition, a work of art.

From Mount Pleasant, our battle cry resounds,

Through fields and forests, our victory surrounds.

With Chippewa pride, we march ahead,

A legacy strong, through time we tread.

With the might of fire burning bright,

We face our rivals, ready to ignite.

Inspired by history, with strength untamed,

Central Michigan Chippewas, we rise unashamed!

O'er Kelly/Shorts Stadium, our fortress strong,

We unite as one, a courageous throng.

With Chips as our guide, brave and wise,

Together we conquer, our spirits rise!

So raise your voices, let the world know,

The Chippewa spirit, it fiercely flows!

In maroon and gold, forever we'll be,

Central Michigan Chippewas, united and free!

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