Army Black Knights Battle Cry


Army Black Knights Battle Cry

In the realm of honor, where Black Knights stand,

The battle cry of Army echoes through the land.

With black, gold, and gray, our colors bold,

We march as Black Knights, with courage untold.

Our mascot, the Mule, steadfast and strong,

Symbolizing resilience, as we march along.

Through the fields we navigate, with purpose and might,

In Army's name, we strive for what's right.

From legendary coaches to valiant soldiers past,

Army's history embodies valor that lasts.

From gridiron to battlefield, our teams unite,

The Black Knights' spirit, a beacon of light.

With discipline and determination, we forge our way,

The Black Knights' hunger, unwavering day by day.

Through rivalries and challenges, we never yield,

We embody the spirit of the Army's shield.

So let our battle cry resonate with pride,

Army Black Knights, marching side by side.

In black, gold, and gray, we claim the fight,

United as Knights, our future shining bright.

In the heart of duty, our spirits rise,

Black Knights forever, beneath the endless skies.

Through triumph and challenge, we face as one,

Army Black Knights, with pride, we are undone!

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