New Damning Footage Leaked In Michigan Signalgate Scandal

The saga of the Michigan Wolverines' signal stealing conspiracy (Click here to see details of the scandal)  appears to be spiraling even further out of control as video of a number of coach's meetings has been  leaked that sheds an entirely new light on the story.

The video footage of Michigan coaches discussing sign stealing in coaching meetings is a significant development in the ongoing NCAA investigation. The footage, which was released on Tuesday, appears to show that head coach Jim Harbaugh and other members of the coaching staff were directly involved in the sign-stealing operation.

In one clip from the video, Harbaugh can be heard saying that he wants to "make sure we're getting familiar with the signals" from the opposing team. In another clip, a Michigan assistant coach can be heard discussing the specific signals that the opposing team will be using in an upcoming game.

The release of this video footage is likely to have a significant impact on the NCAA's investigation. It  now appears that Harbaugh was aware of and involved in the sign-stealing operation, which could lead to more severe penalties for the Michigan program.

If the NCAA finds that Michigan violated its rules, the team could face a number of penalties, including bowl bans, scholarship reductions, and probation. The NCAA could also suspend or fire Harbaugh, depending on his level of involvement in the sign-stealing operation.

The outcome of the NCAA's investigation is still unknown, but the release of this new video footage is a major setback for the Michigan Wolverines football program.

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