How Did Ole Miss Rebels Get Their Name?

How Did Ole Miss Rebels Get Their Name?

How Did Ole Miss Rebels Get Their Name?

The Ole Miss Rebels, representing the University of Mississippi, have a name that has been subject to much debate and scrutiny over the years. The name "Rebels" was originally chosen to reflect the university's Southern heritage and the Confederate soldiers from Mississippi. However, the name has been a point of contention due to its association with the Confederacy and the history of slavery in the United States.

The Rebel Connection

The term "Rebels" was adopted in 1936 and was intended to honor the Confederate soldiers from Mississippi who fought in the Civil War. The name has been a subject of controversy, especially in recent years, leading to discussions about its appropriateness.

The Mascot: From Colonel Reb to Tony the Landshark

The original mascot, Colonel Reb, was a caricature of a Confederate plantation owner. Due to the controversial nature of this mascot, it was retired in 2003. The university later adopted a new mascot, Tony the Landshark, in 2017 to represent a more inclusive symbol for the university.

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