How Did Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Get Their Name?

How Did Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Get Their Name?

How Did Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Get Their Name?

The story of how the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs got their name is a tale of heroism, loyalty, and community spirit. It dates back to the fall of 1899, a time when the university was still in its infancy.

A Fateful Encounter

Five Tech students were walking home from class when they noticed an old bulldog sitting alone under a tree near the campus. Assuming the dog was a stray, they fed him and continued on their way. To their surprise, the bulldog followed them to their boarding house.

A Hero Emerges

That night, a fire broke out in the boarding house. The bulldog was the first to awaken and alert the students and the owner. Despite the danger, the bulldog ran back into the burning house to rescue a student who was still inside. Unfortunately, the heroic dog did not make it out alive.

The Birth of a Legacy

Deeply moved by the bulldog's bravery, the students buried him under the same tree where they had first met him. They wrapped him in one red and one blue jacket, symbolizing the school colors. A year later, when the university was planning to start its first football team, the students voted unanimously to adopt the Bulldogs as their mascot, in honor of the brave dog.

Enduring Spirit

Today, the spirit of that brave bulldog lives on, not just as a mascot but as a symbol of the loyalty and courage that are the hallmarks of the Louisiana Tech community.

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