How Did Clemson Tigers Get Their Name?

How Did Clemson Tigers Get Their Name?

How Did Clemson Tigers Get Their Name?

The Origin of the Clemson Tigers

Clemson's athletic teams have been nicknamed the Tigers since 1896. The name was brought to Clemson by coach Walter Merritt Riggs, who was also a later university president. Riggs got the name from his alma mater, Auburn University.

From Southern Gentleman to Tiger

Before adopting the Tiger as the mascot, Clemson had a different costumed mascot known as the Southern Gentleman. This mascot was a student dressed in a purple formal suit with a top hat and cane. The Southern Gentleman was eventually discontinued in 1972.

The First Costumed Tiger Mascot

The first costumed tiger mascot made its appearance in 1954. Over the years, the Tiger has been accompanied by a smaller, ostensibly younger companion named The Cub, introduced in 1993.

A Tradition of Push-Ups

One of the unique traditions associated with the Clemson Tiger mascot is the performance of push-ups after every score. The number of push-ups corresponds to the number of points Clemson has in the game. This tradition has been emulated by other college mascots as well.

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