How Did Charlotte 49ers Get Their Name?

How Did Charlotte 49ers Get Their Name?

How Did Charlotte 49ers Get Their Name?

The Birth of a University

UNC Charlotte originally began as the Charlotte Center of the University of North Carolina (CCUNC) in 1946. Founded to serve the educational needs of veterans returning from World War II, it was one of several similar institutions across the state.

The Fight to Stay Open

In 1949, North Carolina moved to close all the state's college centers. However, Bonnie E. Cone, the University's founder, and her supporters fought valiantly to keep the institution open. Their efforts paid off, and Charlotte College was officially established that same year.

The 49ers Nickname

In honor of the year 1949 and the tenacity of Miss Bonnie, UNC Charlotte officially adopted the "49ers" nickname. The name symbolizes the university's ambitious attitude and pioneering spirit.

From Owls to 49ers

Interestingly, the "49ers" moniker wasn't officially adopted until 1961. During its early years, the school's nickname was the Owls because the institution operated primarily at night. A student vote in 1961 led to the official adoption of the "49ers" nickname.

More Than Just a Name

The Charlotte 49ers football coaching staff recognizes a player each game with the honor of wearing the No. 49 jersey. This tradition reflects the culture of the 49ers, emphasizing Grit, Opportunity, Leadership, and Determination.

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