Where Did Auburn Tigers Get Their Name?

The Fascinating Origins of the Auburn Tigers Name

Where Did Auburn Tigers Get Their Name?

Have you ever wondered how the athletic teams of Auburn University became known as the "Tigers"? The story is a captivating blend of athletic history, literary influence, and school spirit. Let's dive in.

From the First Game: The Birth of the Tigers

Auburn has been known as the Tigers ever since its first football game in 1892. The name has been synonymous with Auburn athletics for over a century.

Oliver Goldsmith's Influence: A Poetic Touch

The nickname "Tigers" is believed to derive from a poem by Oliver Goldsmith. This literary connection adds a unique touch to the Auburn Tigers' identity.

More Than Just a Team: A Symbol of Auburn

The "Tigers" name is not merely a label for the athletic teams; it's a representation of the fierce and independent spirit of the Auburn community.

Why "Tigers"?

The name encapsulates the competitive and resilient nature that defines Auburn University and its athletic programs.

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