Where Did Arkansas State Red Wolves Get Their Name?

The Intriguing Origins of the Arkansas State Red Wolves Name

Where Did Arkansas State Red Wolves Get Their Name?

Ever wondered how the athletic teams of Arkansas State University became known as the "Red Wolves"? The story is a fascinating blend of cultural sensitivity, local wildlife, and a university's desire for a unique identity. Let's dive in.

A Change in 2008: From Indians to Red Wolves

In 2008, Arkansas State underwent a significant transformation by changing its mascot from the "Indians" to the "Red Wolves." This change was not only a nod to local wildlife but also a move towards cultural sensitivity.

The Red Wolf: A Noble Species

The red wolf, a species that once roamed Arkansas, served as the inspiration for the new name. The university chose this name to honor a noble species and to establish a unique identity.

More Than Just a Team: A Symbol of Arkansas State

The "Red Wolves" name is not merely a label for the athletic teams; it's a representation of the fierce and independent spirit of the Arkansas State community.

Why "Red Wolves"?

The name encapsulates the competitive and resilient nature that defines Arkansas State University and its athletic programs.

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