Western Michigan Broncos Battle Cry

Western Michigan Broncos Battle Cry

Charge forth, oh mighty Broncos, clad in the armor of gold and brown!
Unleash the fury of the Wild West, let victory be our crown!
Through the vast plains and towering mountains we ride,
With hearts ablaze, our spirit shall never subside!

Roar like thunder, fierce and bold, let our opponents tremble in fear!
For we are the embodiment of strength, our power crystal clear!
Our mascot, Buster Bronco, gallops with unwavering pride,
Leading the charge with a spirit that cannot be denied!

From Kalamazoo's hallowed fields to the shores of Lake Michigan,
We march as warriors, invoking our historical ambition!
With a legacy etched in triumph and glory,
We forge ahead, weaving a timeless story!

Rally, Broncos, like a storm on the horizon,
Our battle cry echoing, the sound of freedom arising!
With unity and valor, we conquer any strife,
Championing our colors, the golden path of life!

So let the heavens witness our unwavering might,
As we soar on wings of triumph, reaching new heights!
Western Michigan Broncos, a force to reckon, unyielding and true,
Our battle cry resounds, heralding the victory we pursue!

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