Rice Owls Battle Cry

Rice Owls Battle Cry

Amidst the moonlit sky, a wise and noble cry,
Rice Owls, soaring high, majestic and spry!
In blue and gray, our colors softly glow,
A symbol of knowledge, wisdom we bestow!

From Houston's embrace, our legacy unfolds,
Owls united, where intellect beholds.
With scholarly grace, we face the test,
In Rice Stadium, where champions rest!

With Sammy the Owl as our wise guide,
We glide ahead, with knowledge as our stride.
Through challenges embraced, our spirits rise,
Rice Owls, reaching for intellectual skies!

So let our voices echo, gentle and true,
In blue and gray, we stand tall with you.
With passion deeply rooted, our dreams take flight,
Rice Owls, shining with scholarly might!

In the realm of wisdom, we claim our domain,
With intellect and honor, we break every chain.
In blue and gray, forever we'll be,
Rice Owls, a symbol of academic victory!

Amidst the moonlit night, our spirit roams,
Rice Owls, where intellect blooms!
In blue and gray, our legacy gleams,
A unity unbreakable, fueled by knowledge streams!

From Rice Stadium, our journey unfolds,
With determination and curiosity, we conquer the bold.
Rice Owls, with pride we proclaim,
Together we triumph, igniting the flame!

So let our voices rise, in scholarly grand,
In blue and gray, we make our stand.
With passion unyielding, our dreams ignite,
Rice Owls, forever shining bright!

In the realm of academia, we leave our mark,
With wisdom and brilliance, even in the dark.
In blue and gray, forever we'll be,
Rice Owls, wise and free!

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