Northwestern Wildcats Battle Cry

Northwestern Wildcats Battle Cry

Amidst the realm of intellect and play,
Northwestern Wildcats, meow and hooray!
In purple and white, our colors divine,
A spirit quirky, marching to our own feline!

From Evanston's embrace, where knowledge thrives,
Wildcats united, with eccentric vibes.
With brainy brawn, we conquer the game,
In Ryan Field, our victories proclaim!

With Willie the Wildcat as our zany guide,
We pounce ahead, with whimsy and stride.
Through twists and turns, our spirits leap,
Northwestern Wildcats, a secret to keep!

So let our voices meow, quirky and true,
In purple and white, we're a wild crew.
With passion in tow, our dreams take flight,
Northwestern Wildcats, purring with delight!

In the realm of oddity, we claim our place,
With peculiar prowess, we set the pace.
In purple and white, forever we'll be,
Northwestern Wildcats, a quirky victory!

Amidst the land of brainiacs and flair,
Northwestern Wildcats, delightfully rare!
In purple and white, our legacy shines,
A unity eccentric, defying confines!

From Ryan Field, our journey unfolds,
With puzzling plays, we outsmart the bold.
Northwestern Wildcats, with pride we proclaim,
Together we triumph, in our quirky game!

So let our voices mew, in quirky grand,
In purple and white, we'll make our stand.
With passion unmatched, our dreams ignite,
Northwestern Wildcats, quirky and bright!

In the realm of whimsy, we leave our mark,
With oddball antics, even in the dark.
In purple and white, forever we'll be,
Northwestern Wildcats, uniquely free!

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