Navy Midshipmen Battle Cry

Navy Midshipmen Battle Cry

Amidst the vast expanse of the sea, a resolute cry,
Navy Midshipmen, sailing the sky!
In navy blue and gold, our colors unfurl,
A spirit undaunted, dedicated to the world!

From Annapolis' embrace, our legacy holds true,
Midshipmen united, brave and steadfast in all we do.
With discipline and honor, we face the fight,
On the gridiron and beyond, our mission takes flight!

With Bill the Goat as our loyal guide,
We navigate the challenges, side by side.
Through the storms we weather, our spirits rise,
Navy Midshipmen, soaring to the skies!

So let our voices echo, strong and proud,
In navy blue and gold, our allegiance is avowed.
With passion aflame, our dreams set sail,
Navy Midshipmen, ready to prevail!

In the realm of champions, we make our mark,
With resilience and courage, through light and dark.
In navy blue and gold, forever we'll be,
Navy Midshipmen, sailing gallantly!

Amidst the sea's rhythmic sway, our spirit thrives,
Navy Midshipmen, embodying valor and drive!
In navy blue and gold, our legacy gleams,
A unity unbreakable, forged in maritime dreams!

From the Naval Academy, our journey unfolds,
With determination and honor, our story molds.
Navy Midshipmen, with pride we proclaim,
Together we triumph, etching our name!

So let our voices rise, in unity grand,
In navy blue and gold, we make our stand.
With passion unyielding, our dreams ignite,
Navy Midshipmen, forever shining bright!

In the realm of glory, we leave our mark,
With dedication and service, even in the dark.
In navy blue and gold, forever we'll be,
Navy Midshipmen, sailing with pride and glee!

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