East Carolina Pirates Battle Cry


East Carolina Pirates Battle Cry

Sailing the seas with hearts of gold,

East Carolina Pirates, fearless and bold!

In purple and gold, our colors fly,

A swashbuckling spirit, reaching the sky!

From the shores of Greenville, our quest begins,

With cannons roaring, our ship never dims.

Pirates of valor, with sails unfurled,

We conquer the challenges of the world!

In Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, our fortress grand,

We rally as one, a united band.

With PeeDee the Pirate, our guide so true,

We navigate the tides, chasing dreams anew!

Through storms and battles, we hold our ground,

In purple we shine, our victory profound.

East Carolina Pirates, relentless and strong,

Together we fight, singing our pirate song!

So raise your voices, let the winds carry,

In purple and gold, our legacy we carry.

With passion unyielding, our spirit remains,

East Carolina Pirates, forever in our veins!

In the realm of legends, we'll leave our mark,

With pirate hearts, forever embark.

In purple and gold, forever we'll be,

East Carolina Pirates, sailing wild and free!

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