BYU Cougars Battle Cry


BYU Cougars Battle Cry

In the heartland of Provo, where Cougars roam,

The battle cry of BYU echoes as a home.

With navy blue and white, our colors strong,

We stand as Cougars, united, headlong.

Our mascot, Cosmo, a symbol of agility and might,

With acrobatic prowess, he takes flight.

Through the fields we charge, with fierce resolve,

In BYU's name, our spirit does evolve.

From Edwards to Sitake, coaching legends guide,

Instilling values, character, side by side.

From gridiron glory to tradition's embrace,

The Cougars' spirit shines, leaving a trace.

With determination burning deep within,

The Cougars' hunger, a fire that won't dim.

Through battles and rivalries, we never cease,

Embodying the spirit that brings us peace.

So let our battle cry echo far and wide,

BYU Cougars, with passion and pride.

In navy blue and white, our spirit unfurls,

Unified as Cougars, our destiny swirls.

In the heart of Provo, our spirits unite,

BYU Cougars forever, shining so bright.

Through triumph and challenge, we'll always stand,

Cougars united, a resolute band!

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