Bowling Green Falcons Battle Cry


Bowling Green Falcons Battle Cry

In the realm of Bowling Green, where Falcons reign,

The battle cry of pride echoes again.

With orange and brown, our colors true,

We stand as Falcons, mighty and through.

Our mascot, Freddie, a symbol of flight,

With wings spread wide, embracing the height.

Through the fields we charge, swift and strong,

In Bowling Green's name, we march along.

From Doyt to Babers, coaching legends past,

Guiding the Falcons with knowledge unsurpassed.

From gridiron glory to traditions upheld,

The Falcons' spirit soars, in victories propelled.

With passion and determination, we forge our way,

The Falcons' hunger grows stronger each day.

Through rivalries and challenges, we persevere,

Embodying the spirit that we hold dear.

So let our battle cry resound, bold and clear,

Bowling Green Falcons, together we cheer.

In orange and brown, our pride takes flight,

United as Falcons, our future shining bright.

In the heart of Bowling Green, our spirits unite,

Falcons forever, reaching for new heights.

Through triumph and challenge, we'll always stand,

Bowling Green Falcons, a proud and spirited band!

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