St. Louis City SC - MLS Soccer Team

St. Louis City SC: A New Era for Soccer in America

St. Louis City SC  - MLS Soccer Team

St. Louis City SC, a professional soccer franchise based in St. Louis, Missouri, is set to redefine the landscape of Major League Soccer (MLS) and Soccer in America. The club, which will begin play in the MLS in 2023, is the latest addition to the ever-growing popularity of soccer in the United States.

A Historic Addition to Major League Soccer

The MLS officially awarded the franchise to the city of St. Louis in August 2019. The ownership group, led by Carolyn Kindle Betz of the Taylor family, owners of the Enterprise rental car company, made history as the first female majority-owned group in MLS. This groundbreaking achievement adds a new chapter to the history of soccer in America.

The Symbolism of the Crest and Colors

St. Louis City SC unveiled its name, crest, and colors on August 13, 2020. The crest is a symbolic representation of the city, featuring the Gateway Arch, a prominent symbol of St. Louis, and the two rivers that define the city, the Mississippi and the Missouri. The team's colors - "City Red", "River Blue", "Energy Yellow", "Arch Steel Gray", and "Art Deco Silver" - are a vibrant reflection of the city's spirit.

The Team and the Coach at St. Louis City SC 

The team's head coach, Bradley Carnell, is a former South African international who previously served as an assistant coach at the New York Red Bulls. The team's first designated player is Swiss international Xherdan Shaqiri, who joined the club from French side Lyon. These key figures are set to play a crucial role in the St. Louis City SC's inaugural MLS season.

CITYPARK: A New Home for Soccer in St. Louis

CITYPARK, the future home of St. Louis City SC, is set to revolutionize the soccer experience in the heart of St. Louis. This state-of-the-art, open-air stadium is designed to bring fans closer to the action, with every seat within 120 feet of the pitch.

Strategically located in Downtown West, CITYPARK is part of a resurgent corridor that connects the iconic Gateway Arch and Forest Park. This unique location enhances the visual connection to the surrounding neighborhood, making it more than just a soccer stadium.

The stadium's design is innovative, with the pitch sitting 40 feet below street level. This unique feature, coupled with a seating capacity of approximately 22,500, promises a loud and one-of-a-kind MLS fan experience.

CITYPARK is not just about soccer games. It is designed to be a hub for community events, including high school and college sporting events, tournaments, soccer camps, corporate gatherings, food festivals, parties, and other social events. The major entry plaza will serve as a gathering space for fan processions and post-game celebrations, making matchday an event to remember.

The stadium also boasts the most extensive canopy coverage in MLS. This feature is designed to heighten the sound and energy of the fans, ensuring an amazing experience for all who visit CITYPARK.

As St. Louis City SC prepares for its inaugural season in 2023, CITYPARK is poised to become a landmark in the city's landscape and a beacon for soccer in America.

Looking Ahead: St. Louis City SC's Promising Future in American Soccer

With its historic ownership, symbolic crest, and a new stadium, St. Louis City SC is poised to make a significant impact on Major League Soccer and the broader soccer landscape in America. As the club prepares for its inaugural season in 2023, soccer fans across the country and beyond are eagerly awaiting what promises to be an exciting new chapter in American soccer.

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