Ohio State Buckeyes Heisman Trophy Winners

Ohio State Buckeyes Heisman Trophy Winners

Ohio State Buckeyes Heisman Trophy Winners

The Ohio State Buckeyes have a rich history of Heisman Trophy winners. Here are the 6 players from Ohio State who have won this prestigious award:

  • Les Horvath (1944)
  • Vic Janowicz (1950)
  • Howard Cassady (1955)
  • Archie Griffin (1974 and 1975)
  • Eddie George (1995)
  • Troy Smith (2006)

Continuing the Legacy: Ohio State's Heisman Heroes from Horvath to Smith

The Ohio State Buckeyes, a team with a storied history and a tradition of excellence, have produced an impressive roster of Heisman Trophy winners. This prestigious award, given annually to the most outstanding player in college football, has found its way to Columbus, Ohio, multiple times, underscoring the Buckeyes' consistent ability to recruit and develop top-tier talent.

The Buckeyes' Heisman legacy began in 1944 with Les Horvath and has continued into the 21st century with Troy Smith in 2006. The most notable among these is Archie Griffin, the only player in the history of the Heisman Trophy to win the award twice.

Here are the Ohio State Buckeyes who have etched their names in college football history by winning the Heisman Trophy:

Les Horvath (1944): The first Buckeye to win the Heisman, Horvath was a halfback and quarterback who led Ohio State to a 9-0 record.

Vic Janowicz (1950): A versatile player, Janowicz played halfback and punter and even occasionally lined up at quarterback.

Howard Cassady (1955): Known as "Hopalong," Cassady was a halfback who led the Buckeyes to a national championship in 1954.

Archie Griffin (1974 and 1975): The only two-time Heisman winner, Griffin is widely regarded as one of the greatest college football players of all time.

Eddie George (1995): George, a running back, rushed for a school-record 1,927 yards and 24 touchdowns in his Heisman-winning season.

Troy Smith (2006): Smith, a quarterback, threw for 30 touchdowns and just six interceptions in his Heisman-winning campaign.

Each of these players left an indelible mark on Ohio State football, and their legacies continue to inspire future generations of Buckeyes.

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