Where did New Mexico State Aggies get their name?

 Where did New Mexico State Aggies get their name?

Where did New Mexico State Aggies get their name?
New Mexico State Aggies Concept Football Helmet

New Mexico State University's teams are called the Aggies, a nickname derived from the university's agricultural beginnings. The mascot is known as "Pistol Pete". NMSU's colors are crimson and white. Since 2005 the Aggies have competed in the Western Athletic Conference in all men's and women's sports with the exception of football in which the Aggies have been Independent since 2018. New Mexico State sponsors six men's and ten women's teams in NCAA sanctioned sports. The athletic director is Mario Moccia, who has held the position since January 2015.

The name "Aggies" was adopted in 1919, and it is a reference to the fact that the university was originally an agricultural college. The name was suggested by a student named George S. Bryan. Bryan was a member of the university's student council, and he believed that the name would be a good fit for the school's athletic teams. He argued that the "Aggie" was a symbol of hard work and dedication, and that it would be a good representation of the school's spirit.

The board of trustees approved Bryan's suggestion, and the name "Aggies" was officially adopted in 1919. The first Aggie mascot was a live goat named Aggie. Aggie was a popular mascot, and he helped to popularize the name "Aggies" among the school's students and fans.

The Aggies have won 10 national championships, including one in football. The Aggies are a member of the Western Athletic Conference and compete in all major college sports.

The Aggies are known for their hard-nosed play and their passionate fans. The Aggies' home stadium, Aggie Memorial Stadium, is one of the loudest stadiums in college football. The Aggies' fans are known for their "Aggie War Hymn" cheer, which is a rallying cry that is used to intimidate opposing teams.

The New Mexico State Aggies is a proud tradition that is celebrated by students, alumni, and fans alike. The Aggies are a symbol of strength, determination, and perseverance. The Aggies are a force to be reckoned with on the field and in the stands.

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