Heisman Winners who never made it in the NFL


Heisman Winners who never made it in the NFL

Heisman Winners who never made it in the NFL

There are 14 Heisman Trophy winners who never played in the NFL or didn't last in the NFL and pursued other careers. They are:

  • Jay Berwanger (1935) - University of Chicago
  • Larry Kelley (1936) - Yale University
  • Clint Frank (1937) - Yale University
  • Nile Kinnick (1939) - University of Iowa
  • Doc Blanchard (1945) - United States Military Academy
  • Dick Kazmaier (1951) - Princeton University
  • Pete Dawkins (1958) - United States Military Academy
  • Ernie Davis (1961) - Syracuse University
  • Roger Staubach (1963) - United States Naval Academy
  • Archie Griffin (1975, 1976) - Ohio State University
  • Charlie Ward (1993) - Florida State University
  • Tim Brown (1987) - Heisman Trophy winner, University of Notre Dame; did play in the NFL
  • Eric Crouch (2001) - Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Reggie Bush (2005) - University of Southern California; vacated Heisman Trophy
  • Johnny Manziel (2012) - Texas A&M Aggies

Where is Johnny Manziel now?

Johnny Manziel is currently playing in Fan Controlled Football, a new professional football league that plays a 7-on-7 format. Manziel is the quarterback of the Zappers, a team that is owned by a group that includes New York Mets pitcher Trevor May and Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook.

Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. He played two seasons for the Browns but was released in 2015 after struggling on the field and off the field. Manziel has also played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League and the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football.

Manziel has been open about his struggles with addiction and mental health. He has said that he is now in a better place and is focused on his sobriety and his football career.

What is Fan Controlled Football?

Fan Controlled Football is a professional indoor football league that allows fans to control the game. Fans can vote on offensive plays, rule changes, and even the team's name and logo. The league was founded in 2017 and began to play in 2021.

Fan Controlled Football is played on a 50-yard field with seven players on each side. The game is played with four downs and a 10-second play clock. Fans can vote on offensive plays through the Fan Controlled Football app. The play that receives the most votes is then called by the head coach.

Fans can also vote on rule changes. For example, fans can vote to make the field wider or to shorten the game clock. Fans can also vote on the team's name and logo.

Fan Controlled Football is a unique and innovative take on professional football. The league allows fans to have a say in the game and to feel like they are part of the team.

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