Controversies and Scandals in Football over the years

Controversies and Scandals in Football over the years
Controversies and Scandals in Football over the years

Controversies and Scandals in Football over the years

College football has had its share of controversy over the years. Here are some of the most notable.

Penn State Scandal: In 2011, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of young boys. The scandal led to the firing of head coach Joe Paterno and major sanctions against the Penn State football program.

Reggie Bush: In 2010, the NCAA stripped USC of its 2004 national championship and forced the program to vacate wins from the 2005 season as a result of violations involving Reggie Bush. Bush was found to have received improper benefits from an agent while he was a student-athlete.

SMU Death Penalty: In 1987, the NCAA handed down the "death penalty" to the Southern Methodist University football program. The punishment effectively shut down the program for two years after it was found that players had been paid by boosters.

Cam Newton: In 2010, allegations surfaced that Auburn quarterback Cam Newton's father had solicited money from Mississippi State to secure his son's commitment to the school. The NCAA found no evidence of wrongdoing on Cam Newton's part, and he went on to win the Heisman Trophy and lead Auburn to a national championship.

Miami (FL) Scandal: In 2011, Yahoo Sports reported that several Miami football players had received impermissible benefits from a booster. The scandal ultimately led to the firing of head coach Randy Shannon and sanctions against the program.

Jim Tressel: In 2011, Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had known about NCAA violations involving several of his players and failed to report them. Ohio State was subsequently hit with sanctions by the NCAA.

Cameragate: In 2007, the New England Patriots were caught filming the New York Jets defensive signals during a game. It was later revealed that the Patriots had also filmed the signals of other teams, including college football programs such as the University of Notre Dame.

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