How Many College Football Teams Are There in South Dakota

College Football Teams in South Dakota

College Football Teams in South Dakota

In the picturesque state of South Dakota, college football is more than just a sport; it's a tradition. Currently, South Dakota boasts a total of 11 college football teams spread across NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NAIA.

NCAA Division I Teams

South Dakota Coyotes

The South Dakota Coyotes represent the University of South Dakota. Located in Vermillion, the Coyotes have a rich history and have produced numerous football stars who've gone on to achieve great feats both on and off the field.

South Dakota State Jackrabbits

Representing South Dakota State University in Brookings, the South Dakota State Jackrabbits are known for their tenacity on the field. With a dedicated fan base, the Jackrabbits have been a dominant force in college football in the state.

NCAA Division II Teams

Augustana Vikings

The Augustana Vikings, hailing from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, have a legacy that spans decades. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their gameplay and the numerous accolades they've received over the years.

Black Hills State Yellow Jackets

From Black Hills State University in Spearfish come the Black Hills State Yellow Jackets. Known for their strategic gameplay, the Yellow Jackets have been a team to watch in recent years.

Northern State Wolves

The Northern State Wolves of Northern State University in Aberdeen have a reputation for producing some of the finest football talent in the region. Their matches are a spectacle, drawing crowds from all over the state.

South Dakota Mines Hardrockers

The South Dakota Mines Hardrockers, representing the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Rapid City, combine academic excellence with athletic prowess, making them a unique team in the college football landscape.

Sioux Falls Cougars

The Sioux Falls Cougars of the University of Sioux Falls have a storied history in college football. Their dedication to the sport and their consistent performance make them favorites among many in South Dakota.

NAIA Teams

Dakota State Trojans

From Dakota State University in Madison, the Dakota State Trojans have showcased exceptional talent over the years. Their commitment to the game and their community has earned them a special place in the hearts of many.

Dakota Wesleyan Tigers

The Dakota Wesleyan Tigers of Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell are known for their fierce gameplay and sportsmanship. They've been a beacon of hope and inspiration for many aspiring football players in the state.

Mount Marty Lancers

Representing Mount Marty University in Yankton, the Mount Marty Lancers have a rich tradition in college football. Their dedication to the sport and their community has made them a beloved team in South Dakota.

Presentation Saints

The Presentation Saints of Presentation College in Aberdeen have a legacy that's intertwined with the history of college football in South Dakota. Their matches are eagerly awaited by fans, and their performance never disappoints.

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