Wyoming Cowboys Battle Cry

Wyoming Cowboys Battle Cry

Ride forth, gallant Cowboys, draped in brown and gold,
Legends of the frontier, fearless and bold!
Through vast plains and rugged mountains we roam,
Wyoming's spirit, a beacon guiding us home!

With Stomper the horse, our loyal companion by our side,
We surge ahead, with unyielding pride!
In the heart of the Wild West, we stake our claim,
Embodying the Cowboy legacy, a burning flame!

Unleash the thunder of hooves, a relentless stampede,
Our battle cry echoing, a call to succeed!
From Laramie's heights to the open range,
Wyoming Cowboys, a force that will never change!

Roam the untamed prairies, where the winds whisper our name,
We conquer all challenges, fueled by grit and game!
For in our veins, the spirit of pioneers runs deep,
Unyielding determination, a promise we keep!

Through blizzards and deserts, we forge our path,
Strength and resilience, our signature aftermath!
Wyoming Cowboys, masters of the untamed frontier,
In victory, our triumphs will forever adhere!

So rally, comrades, under the western sky,
Our battle cry resounding, reaching mountains high!
In brown and gold, our colors unwaveringly fly,
Wyoming Cowboys, together we defy!

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