Baylor Bears Battle Cry


Baylor Bears Battle Cry

In the heart of Texas, where Bears reside,

The battle cry of Baylor echoes far and wide.

With green and gold, our colors bold and true,

We stand as Bears, fierce and ready to pursue.

Our mascot, Bruiser, a mighty force to behold,

With a presence commanding, courageous and bold.

Through the fields we charge, with tenacity untamed,

In Baylor's name, our spirit remains untamed.

From Russell to Rhule, coaching legends of might,

Guiding the Bears with wisdom and insight.

From gridiron battles to victorious clashes,

The Bears' spirit rises, their opponents in ashes.

With determination and resilience, we forge our way,

The Bears' hunger growing stronger day by day.

Through rivalries and challenges, we never retreat,

We embody the spirit that makes us elite.

So let our battle cry resonate with pride,

Baylor Bears, a force that can't be denied.

In green and gold, we claim the fight,

United as Bears, our future shining bright.

In the heart of Texas, our spirits rise,

Baylor Bears, reaching for the skies.

Through triumph and challenge, we'll always stand,

Baylor Bears, a resilient and mighty band!

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