The Rise of the Super Conference in College Football

The Rise of the Super Conference in College Football

The Rise of the Super Conference in College Football

The Pac-12's Potential Move

The Pac-12, once a dominant force in college football, is now exploring various realignment scenarios. With talks of raiding the American Athletic Conference and potential mergers, the landscape of college football is set to change dramatically.

Streaming Deals and Financial Implications

One of the significant shifts in the sports broadcasting landscape is the move towards streaming platforms. The Pac-12's potential deal with Apple TV is a testament to this change. However, the financial implications, including the costs of broadcasting games, have made some schools apprehensive.

Stanford and Cal's Uncertain Future

Two of the Pac-12's most academically prestigious institutions, Stanford and Cal, face uncertain futures. While Stanford explores the possibility of becoming independent or joining a super conference, Cal's path seems more intertwined with other Pac-12 institutions.

Super Conferences: The Future of College Football?

With the ongoing realignments, the concept of a super conference is becoming more plausible. Such a conference would comprise the best teams from various conferences, creating a powerhouse of college football talent. This move could redefine college football's landscape, making it more competitive and financially lucrative.

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