Exploring Animal Identification and Therian Identity Across Cultures

Embracing Our Inner Beasts: Exploring Animal Identification and Therian Identity Across Cultures

Therian Identity

Unleashing the Therian Within: Exploring Animal Identification and Therian Identity Across Cultures

In a remarkable and intriguing trend sweeping across the globe, individuals are now identifying themselves with different animals based on their country of origin. This phenomenon, known as Therian identity, extends beyond a symbolic connection to animals and delves into a deeper personal and psychological identification. 

Let us embark on a journey to understand the animal connections, including Therian identity, and the diverse ways in which people are embracing their chosen creatures.

United States: The Majestic Bald Eagle

In the United States, many individuals have found a connection with the bald eagle, a national symbol and emblem of freedom. 

While some may view this identification as a Therian identity, it's important to note that Therianthropy is a deeply personal and subjective experience that extends beyond national symbols. People with a Therian identity may believe they possess the spirit or essence of an animal within themselves.

The Majestic Bald Eagle Mask Identity

Japan: The Noble Sakura Crane

Similarly, in Japan, individuals who identify as sakura cranes may also experience Therian identity. Therianthropy is not limited by cultural boundaries and can manifest across various cultural contexts. For those who identify as sakura cranes, the Therian identity may involve a profound connection with the grace, symbolism, and characteristics of this majestic bird.

Australia: The Playful Kangaroo

In Australia, individuals identifying as kangaroos may experience Therian identity, perceiving themselves to possess kangaroo-like attributes and a profound connection with these unique creatures. For them, Therianthropy may involve an internalized sense of being a kangaroo or a spiritual connection with the kangaroo species.

India: The Wise Elephant

In India, people who identify as elephants may also experience Therian identity, attributing personal characteristics and qualities to these majestic animals. Therians who identify as elephants may feel a deep affinity with the wisdom, strength, and cultural significance associated with these revered creatures.

Germany: The Efficient Wolf

In Germany, individuals identifying as wolves may experience Therian identity, feeling an inherent connection with the wolf's intelligence, teamwork, and efficiency. They may perceive themselves as embodying wolf-like traits, both physically and mentally, and resonate deeply with the spiritual essence of wolves.


The phenomenon of people identifying as different animals based on their country of origin not only encompasses cultural connections but also extends to the concept of Therian identity. 

For those who experience Therianthropy, identifying as a specific animal goes beyond symbolism; it represents a deep personal connection, often attributed to an intrinsic part of their being. This global trend invites us to embrace the complexity of human experiences, celebrate our interconnectedness with nature, and foster understanding and acceptance for those who identify as Therians. 

By exploring and appreciating the diverse ways in which individuals connect with their chosen animal identities, we can better understand the multifaceted nature of human identity and the vast array of experiences that shape our world.

Therian Identity - Cat

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