College Football Teams in New Hampshire

College Football Teams in New Hampshire

College Football Teams in New Hampshire

When it comes to college football in the Granite State, many may ask: "How many college football teams are there in New Hampshire?". The answer is five. New Hampshire is home to a diverse array of college football programs, ranging from NCAA Division I to Division III teams, showcasing the vibrant college athletics scene in the state.

University of New Hampshire Wildcats

The University of New Hampshire Wildcats compete in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Known for their fierce competitiveness on the gridiron, the Wildcats are a point of pride for the University and have a rich history of successful seasons.

Dartmouth College Big Green

Another NCAA Division I FCS team in the state, the Dartmouth College Big Green, has a storied tradition of college football dating back to the early 20th century. The team's rich history and dedication to excellence set it apart within the Ivy League.

Plymouth State University Panthers

Moving into the NCAA Division III, the Plymouth State University Panthers bring a different, but no less intense, level of college football to New Hampshire. Known for their tenacious team spirit, the Panthers are a significant part of the college football landscape in the state.

Saint Anselm College Hawks

The Saint Anselm College Hawks compete in NCAA Division II, providing a stage for student-athletes to demonstrate their skills. The Hawks' football program is renowned for fostering a balance between academic and athletic achievements.

Franklin Pierce University Ravens

The Franklin Pierce University Ravens are the newest addition to the college football scene in New Hampshire, also competing in NCAA Division II. Despite being a relatively new team, the Ravens have quickly earned a reputation for their dedication and commitment to the sport.

Each of these teams contributes to the diverse and dynamic landscape of college football in New Hampshire, offering a range of opportunities for student-athletes, from intense Division I competition to the more balanced environment of Division III.

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